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Wireless Driver for Mac 3.1
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Wireless Driver for Mac 3.1

Publisher:OrangeWare Corporati on
Requirements:Mac OS X 10.2 +, Atheros based wireless NIC
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

Wireless Driver for Mac - The Macintosh wireless driver from OrangeWare allows Mac OS X users, version 10.2 and newer, to use Atheros based 802.11a/b/g desktop and laptop cards with an Apple Airport access point, as well as any PC-orientated access point. In fact, it is the only Mac driver to allow Macs to connect to 802.11a networks. This is a trial driver with 10 minutes of evaluation time; at the end of the 10-minute evaluation time you will be provided a means to purchase the full version. Please visit for a list of known compatible cards.

List of Changes:

Version 3.1 from 2004-05-03


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File Size: 1.9 Mb

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Latest User Reviews:

Rasel71 2010-12-11 08:52:54 #
Version: 3.1

on my laptop it doesn work.

Spapakons 2010-08-03 10:48:13 #
Version: 3.1


After some experimentation and trial-and-error, I managed to install MacOS 10.6 on an Acer AspireOne 150 netbook. Everything seems to work ok, except the wireless card (Atheros AR5007G). I downloaded your driver hoping to make it work, but when I hover the mouse over the airport icon it reports that not wireless devices are installed. Any help appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Bexhill 2010-07-01 15:39:10 #
Version: 3.1

Not what I wanted, needed driver for Netgear WG111v2 USB dongle that works unlike netgears.

Estin68 2010-06-24 00:31:13 #
Version: 3.1

Not working in Mac version 10.6.2

Wackerpc 2009-09-18 23:25:28 #
Version: 3.1

I have tried my Wireless adapter with an Atheros Chipset (WG111T) and it WILL NOT WORK.
I am SOOO Glad I didn't waste my money on this worthless software item...

Sherine 2009-07-20 02:21:07 #
Version: 3.1

It is unfair that I am asked to pay again just because I had ti reinstall 15 dollars just because I had some disk corruption too much very unfair

Candidocudeiro 2009-07-15 14:50:11 #
Version: 3.1

Id like this to work with link chip based cards. 'cause conceptroic cards are aslo based.
I don't know why, but this aplication doesn't works whit my version (10.4.5). Is this programe for real mac's or does it also works for hackintosh pc's? This may be the reason, cause I use an ipc Mac OS...

Mac 2009-05-14 09:02:22 #
Version: 3.1

Didn't work for me as it wasn't an atheros based wifi adapter (maybe i should have read the entire page before downloading...)

Iluckett0 2009-05-11 10:25:39 #
Version: 3.1

The orangeware driver for wireless Mac 3.1. was un fortunately another dead end. The package failed to install, so I was unable to test it.

I think this may be because it was packaged as a *.rar file, whereas a *.zip might have been a little more effective!

Pestequiel 2009-04-01 20:57:45 #
Version: 3.1

it didnt work in Leopard

Mschou 2009-03-30 18:24:14 #
Version: 3.1

The Mac would not detect the wireless netgear card so I wasted my time.

Jrossetti 2009-02-25 23:42:47 #
Version: 3.1

linksys/autheros usb driver

have leoopard and would like my ibm compatible (vista) linksys 802.11g ver. 4 usb adapter. found a driver (xxxxxxxxx autheros!!!)system tools only show airport adapter options.

d00c4 2009-02-10 13:06:14 #
Version: 3.1

PPC only

They don't work on Intel-based Macs, too bad. :(

Zlatkin 2008-12-27 14:33:57 #
Version: 3.1

netgear w111 and emac nothing help

I cannot manage to connect my son's emac 700 to my network with this usb netgear w111 v.1

Ksoup 2008-12-20 05:23:19 #
Version: 3.1

Warning ...Lies

Driver is 2004 not made for Leopard will not work. Software not support intel Mac

Andev_oc 2008-09-18 22:12:36 #
Version: 3.1

SMC usbw -g.

Please help me! I need driver for mac leopard.

Ivan.vecchio 2008-09-14 17:29:18 #
Version: 3.1


Hi, in fact I'm disapointed because it doesn't work with the EnGenius by Senao. Any idea?

Massimiliano 2008-04-26 15:53:46 #
Version: 3.1

I`m sorry, it doesn`t work

I have an iBook G3, osX 10.4. I installed the driver but it seems not to work.
My iBook can see the hardware but it can't use it.

Owen Rubin 2008-03-12 13:48:56 #
Version: 3.1

Does not work with Netgear WG111v2 USB

I had a Netgear USB wireless interface (WG111v2)and a few websites pointed to this driver and said that this driver would work for that 802.11 device and the Mac. I installed it on my Mac, and the System preference panel opened just fine. It looks like it has a nice array of features, however, it did not recognize the USB wireless device as being plugged in, and nothing was going to change that. I was running Mac OS-X 10.4.x, and that did not work with this combination. If you are trying a different wireless adapter, you may have better luck.

DontGetIt 2007-11-08 11:41:39 #
Version: 3.1

Does not work

This driver was completely useless when it came to getting wireless on my mac with the wg111 netgear usb adapter it just didnt work at all. not recommended at all

Robbert Taytelbaum 2007-06-09 11:57:29 #
Version: 3.1


I tested the SMCWBR14_G2 USB from SMC but it didn't work for my mac. 2007-02-24 13:20:23 #
Version: 3.1

driver 3.1

Dear staff

I have tried your software with the adapter usb netgear wg111v2… is not compatible!!!! I have used a imac
unprovided of antenna…


kamush 2007-01-23 14:37:46 #
Version: 3.1

Zoom adsl is not compatible with atheros wifi

Simply my bacbook doesn't connect to zoom adsl wireless bu do connection via the ethernet cable...
maybe you should better choose intel wireless chip instead of atheros...

or anybody having the solution idea are welcome...

netgear 2006-12-25 07:18:14 #
Version: 3.1

Netgear WG111T

Does not work with a Netgear USB Adapter WG111T, but worth a try!

Christopher 2006-11-21 15:23:28 #
Version: 3.1


What's the point of making drivers for only part of the unit? I have a USB receiver that is absolutely
useless. And Netgear's support is just as useless too. I asked them a question that I think I got an auto
response to that they gave me using keywords.

pommbear 2006-08-02 19:56:58 #
Version: 3.1

card not recognized

the driver was easy to install and showed up at the control panel.
After clicking on it it said: no card inserted or no compatible card found. All other register card fields have been set to grey and the country set was uruquay.
My USB stick is a Netgear WG111 v2. Mac-OS is Tiger 10.4.7. The OS recogizes that USB stick properly. Only the driver-software doesn't.

Original mail:
Dear user!Yesterday you or somebody from the IP address gave thepermission to remind to e-mail address about possibleWireless Driver for Mac comment and estimation, that you downloadedfrom our QArchive web site.

Author's Response:
We do not support USB adpaters at this time.

macgomero 2006-07-06 21:26:07 #
Version: 3.1

in spanish, report of driver.

Lo siento pero no me funciono con ningun dispositivo.

smc usb 54mbps
smcwusbt-g eu 108mbps
inves usb (atheros) 108mbps
trendnet usb
netgear usb wg111 v2.(realtek), este funciona con sus propios drivers.
sitecom usb nitro prismNX

Mi sistema es ibook g4 10.7 osx


Download Now
File Size: 1.9 Mb